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SMART Business Improvement Workshops

Following a Structured Approach for Business Improvement

SMART Business Improvement Workshops

Following a Structured Approach for Business Improvement

The need to roll out a SMART improvement program is greater now than ever, business are often now trading in a global market, they must find ways to produce goods and services cheaper, faster and better, whilst staying focused and continuously delighting their customers.

In trying to play catch up, don’t be tempted to launch an extensive program or start multiple improvement projects with too little thought and planning. Get the SMART basics in place first, just like when building a house you need to get the foundations right.

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Get the SMART basics in place

  • Sustainable – Start with the end in mind, stop gap changes may be required but think of the future when planning you activities
  • Measurable – Pre and Post improvement – if you cant measure it how do you know you’ve made it better
  • Achievable – Aim high by all means, but be realistic in what you can achieve
  • Required – Does it need to be done,are your priorities correct
  • Thorough – Get to the root cause and accept second best

To be successful, SMART tools must be applied in a stable environment and that stability can only be achieved when you implement the basic SMART tools first.

SMART Business Improvement Workshops include

  • Five Cs — organising a work area to enable efficiency and easy problem identification
  • Visual Management — a simple technique to stabilise and control behaviours
  • Standard Work Instructions (SOP’s) — an absolute must for continuous improvement and training and development of staff
  • Waste Elimination — recouping the 2-6 hours of each person’s working day that is wasteful
  • Measurements/KPI’s — a simple system to tell if you’re winning or losing
  • Error Proofing — preventing mistakes or at the very least minimising their impact

Don’t be fooled. These may be just appear to be basic improvement tools, but when fully understood and applied correctly, the results will be significant. 


The team from Smartworxs will help you with the strategic and deployment of these SMART tools and be there with you to help and guide you through there implementation.

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