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SMART Services

We offer SMART business consulting services to all types of UK based organisations. A ONE day business audit is available. Smartworxs – Supporting the UK’s Businesses

The Business Health Check

A ONE day on-site 360 business assessment will put you on the right road to working SMART and not hard.


SMART Business Improvement Workshops

Following a Structured Approach for Business Improvement

The need to roll out a SMART improvement program is greater now than ever, business are often now trading in a global market, they must find ways to produce goods and services cheaper, faster and better, whilst staying focused and continuously delighting their customers.

In trying to play catch up, don’t be tempted to launch an extensive program or start multiple improvement projects with too little thought and planning. Get the SMART basics in place first, just like when building a house you need to get the foundations right.

SMART Kaizen Workshops


The Kaizen Workshop, or kaizen blitz as it is sometimes called, is one of the most effective SMART implementation tools we have available to us. It is highly effective in achieving significant measurable results in a very short time.

Leadership Coaching for Business Owners

Achieving a successful business transformation can be a difficult and sometimes complex journey, requiring more than just fundamental change in leadership skills. Maximising leadership effectiveness often requires a deeper level of skills and capabilities.

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