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Writing Standard Work Instructions (SOP’s)

Standard Work Instructions or SOP’s enable you to work SMART, not HARD

Writing Standard Work Instructions (SOP’s)

Standard Work Instructions or SOP’s enable you to work SMART, not HARD.

Standard Work Instructions, Standard Operating Procedures or what ever you wish to call them must be designed to determine the BEST possible way to carry out any operation in your business. The SOP’s must be the most efficient, most effective way to do that operation. SOP’s help a business have predictable end results in Quality, Cost and Delivery, these being the 3 things your customers both internal and external not just expect but demand.

Business Benefits of using Standard Work Instructions (SOP’s)

The development and use of SOPs is an integral part of any successful quality system. It also provides individuals with the information to perform a job/task properly and drives consistency in the quality and integrity of a product or process through consistency.

SOP’s can also be used as a part of a personnel training program, since they provide detailed work instructions. When historical data is being evaluated for current use, SOP’s can be valuable for reconstructing project activities. In addition, SOP’s are frequently used as checklists by inspectors when auditing procedures. Ultimately, the benefits of a valid SOP will reduced work effort, along with consistent quality.

There are other tools available on this web site which will support you in developing your own Standard Work Instructions (SOP’s)

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Standard Work Instructions (SOP’s)

There is nothing new about Standardised Working, and as a concept it is probably one of the oldest (historically) of the tools available to us, and one that is in common use in most kitchens throughout the world – what is a recipe book? – Its a collection of SOP’s

The earliest recorded example is from Durham Cathedral and dates from c1140, probably one of the best known is Mrs Beatons Cook Book dating from 1912.

So nothing new or novel in these then!

Tips for Producing Standard Work Instructions (SOP’s)

When producing standard operating procedures ask yourself the following questions.

  • Who?
    • Who will be using the standard?
  • What?
    • What equipment, tools or materials are required to carry out the functions or tasks?
  • Where?
    • Where will this function or task take place?
  • How?
    • What sequence of operations are best?
  • Why?
    • Why is this function or task required e.g. routine operation, breakdown or changeover?
  • When?
    • Is this task continuous or only carried out at a specific time? Is it carried out randomly?

Standard Work Instructions or SOP’s enable you to work SMART, not HARD.


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