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Visual Management

You can’t make your operations more efficient if your employees don’t know what is going on

What is Visual Management?

Visual management is one of the many SMART techniques available to us, and is designed, so that anyone entering any work place, especially those who are totally unfamiliar with the detail of the processes, can very rapidly see what is going on, understand it and see what is under control and what isn’t.

Essentially, the current status can be assessed, at a glance, visual management philosophy is underpinned by the view that:

“You can’t make your operations more efficient if your employees don’t know what is going on”

Benefits of Visual Management

  • Drives information sharing
  • Drives elimination of waste
  • Drives continuous improvement
  • Exposes abnormalities
  • Drives quick response & recovery
  • Drives pro active prevention
  • Delivers business gains


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How will you benefit from the SMART application of Visual Management?

Here’s just a few

  • Exposes waste so that it can be eliminated and prevented from recurring thereby making the workplace more efficient.
  • Displays trends in Safety, Quality, Cost and Delivery, so as timely corrective actions can be taken.
  • Makes operation standards quicker and easier to understand by all.
  • Clarifies KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators).
  • Builds Team Work.

Types of Visual Display

  • Product and process information.
  • Area information, boundaries.
  • Standard work instructions – Standard work charts, etc.
  • Performance information – tracking against key metrics.
  • Status of current issues and improvement activities.
  • Schedules of maintenance, calibration or other support activities.

“Visual management is a workplace that is a self-ordering, self-explaining, self-regulating and self-improving environment where what is suppose to happen does, on time, every time because of visual solutions”

Gwendolyn Galsworth’s Visual Workplace, Visual Thinking

Visual controls aim to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of a process by making the steps in that process more visible. One of the theories behind visual controls, is that if something is clearly visible, in plain sight, it is easy to remember and keep at the front of the mind.

Visual controls are designed to make the control and management of a company as simple as possible. This means making problems, abnormalities, or deviations from standards visible to everyone. When these deviations are visible and apparent to all, corrective action can be taken to immediately correct these problems.

Visual controls are meant to display the operating or progress status of a given operation in an easy to see format and also to provide instruction and to convey information. A visual control system must have an action component associated with it in the event that the visually represented procedures are not being followed in the real production process. Therefore visual controls must also have a component where immediate feedback is provided to workers.

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