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5’c or 5’s Workplace Organisation

It’s the start of the journey, it’s also the start of the getting the mind-set right

5’c or 5’s Workplace Organisation

It’s the start of the journey, it’s also the start of the getting the mind-set right.

5’c or 5’s Workplace Organisation it does not matter what you call it 5’c or 5’s it’s Workplace Organisation and is one of the easiest yet most effective improvement tools available to us, and described by many of the world’s leading improvement Gurus as the foundation for all Business Improvement, some see it as just a housekeeping exercise, but it is so much more than just a clean and tidy workplace with the right things in the right place.

Business Benefits of 5’C Workplace Organisation

  • Improved Company Image
    • WOW factor for customers when you take them round the shop-floor
  • Improved Working Conditions
    • Safer by design, laid out for flow
  • Improved Productivity
    • Everything to hand
  • Improved Quality & Processes
    • Standardised Operating Procedures and Visual Controls
  • Improved Floor-space Utilisation
    • Place for everything and everything in its place

Downloads are available on this web site to support you with 5’C Workplace Organisation

VIew Downloads

The Steps to effective 5’c or 5’s Workplace Organisation

Step 1 – Clear Out/Sort – Do what it says, remove all unwanted items from the area, all those things that you hang onto “Just in Case” all those broken tools that we will repair one day – Be BRUTAL if you have to think to justify its existence then you don’t need it

Step 2 – Configure/Set – Take time with this step, its about putting the place back together to be Efficient, Effective and more importantly Safe. When putting the area back together you must consider:

  • What task or work is going to be undertaken
  • Who is going to undertake it

Take your time, trial different layouts if require, where do we want our tools and equipment, do we have easy access to parts, is there safe access and egress?

Step 3 – Clean and Check/Sweep and Shine – This step can be, and is often misunderstood, as a result in some quarters people view 5’C as a housekeeping exercise – something that it is not.

The Clean and Check stage is about getting all tools equipment and the area back to the “as new” state, yes it involves the physical cleaning of everything that is being or going to be used in the area, but also inspecting and servicing as we go, so when we complete this stage we know that what we have and what we are using is Fit for Purpose.

Step 4 – Conformity/Standardise – Yet again, simple but effective – Establish the best way to complete the task or tasks, then ensure all the team complete the tasks the same best way. Lock this in place with Standard Operating Procedures, Visual management and where possible Error Proofing devices (Poka Yoke) to ensue that it is right first time every time, regardless of who is undertaking the task.

Step 5 – Custom and Practice/Sustain – Like a lot of the tools we have available to us 5’C Workplace Organisation, needs to be sustained and levels of quality surpassed or over time all the benefits will be diluted or even lost completely. To stop this from happening you need to be pro-active in auditing to ensure the improvements are sustained, involve the team by questioning as to what can be done Smarter.

To be successful, SMART tools must be applied in a stable environment and that stability can only be achieved when you implement the basic SMART tools first.


The team from Smartworxs will help you with the deployment of these SMART tools and be there with you to help and guide you through the implementation.

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