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SMART Lean Tools

Improve Quality – Right First Time

SMART Business Tools will ensure you improve your product or services delivery in a day.

5’c or 5’s Workplace Organisation

5’c or 5’s Workplace Organisation it does not matter what you call it 5’c or 5’s it’s Workplace Organisation and is one of the easiest yet most effective improvement tools available to us.


Visual Management

What is Visual Management?

Visual management is one of the many SMART techniques available to us, and is designed, so that anyone entering any work place, especially those who are totally unfamiliar with the detail of the processes, can very rapidly see what is going on, understand it and see what is under control and what isn’t.

Writing Standard Work Instructions (SOP’s)

Standard Work Instructions or SOP’s enable you to work SMART, not HARDT

Standard Work Instructions, Standard Operating Procedures or what ever you wish to call them must be designed to determine the BEST possible way to carry out any operation in your business.

Waste Elimination

Every activity we carry out in business today is fundamentally made up of 3 factors:

  • Value Adding
  • Non Value Adding
  • Waste

In business we only make money when we are doing the Value Added bit!

Business Measures – KPI’s

Management consultant Peter Drucker once said: “If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it.”

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) help businesses understand how well they are performing in relation to their business goals and objectives.

Why Measure Performance?

Error Proofing (Poka-yoke)

Error Proofing – A process improvement that reduces defects and eliminates the causes of errors.

One of the tools in the Business Improvement tool-kit that will help us reach the goal of being defect free.

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