Team Leader and Supervisor Development

Team Leader and Supervisor Development (1 Day)

How much time do you spend in a day solving other people's problems?

Achievement of the business plan is often seen as a key measure a Team Leaders or Supervisors competence – any failings here often delegated upwards towards their managers to resolve when in fact this should be done at shopfloor level.

Duration – 1 Day

Where – In house

Cost – £1000 for a maximum of 10 delegates

Travel at £0.50 per mile

At Smartworxs we can help with both of these, we believe that the upskilling of Team Leaders and Supervisors with the skills required to make quick and correct decisions is critical to success, we often take the best operate and put them in charge of a shift without addressing the skills they need to be effective in their new role, we try to address this with our Leadership Development course

Leadership Development

Course content – please note this can be tailored if required to meet your own requirements

The Role

Understanding what is expected of you in your role.

Understanding Yourself

What are your own Strengths and Weaknesses.

Effective Communication

Verbal and non-verbal communication, active listening, emotional intelligence and giving feedback.

Productive Use of Time

Prioritisation, styles of time management and time management tools.

Relationship Building

Building effective teams, motivating workers, coaching, mentoring and developing, and conflict management.

Resilience and Self-Care

Mental fitness, wellbeing and work-life balance, managing change and dealing with failure and setbacks.

Leadership Qualities

Assertiveness, influencing skills, creative and analytical thinking, growth mindset and dealing with performance issues.

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Team Leader and Supervisor Development

Achievement of the business plan is often seen as a key measure a Team Leaders or Supervisors competence – any failings here often delegated upwards...