Consultancy Services

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Smartworxs is one of the UK’s leading Business Consultancy Services. We use an approach to organising work, that aims to ensure you achieve the greatest possible efficiency
and effectiveness with the minimal amount of effort and cost

To do this we take all that is good from Lean Toolbox, 6 & Lean Sigma, Systems Thinking and many of the other great methodologies available to us today to form a logical yet simple business improvement system that is easy to introduce and effective from day one.

At Smartworxs we aim to take the business forward in logical way using predefined steps each step is as SMART step

  • Specific – What we are going to do
  • Measurable – From X to Y – we know what we will achieve
  • Achievable – Why set yourself up to fail
  • Relevant – KPI’s
  • Time bound – Without a time limit, things won’t happen

Steps are taken only when each cycle has been completed and reviewed

“Bite Size” Approach

By adopting this “Bite Sized” chunk approach the business will move forward in a controlled yet dynamic way with the status of all the improvement activities being obvious to all. It all so ensures that the great enemies of change such as Scope Creep, Loss of Focus, Lack of Management or Ownership and Poor or No Project Definition are defeated

To discuss your needs, cost and availability please give us a call, remember, there is never a “right” time, so just do it


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