Growing Businesses and Individuals 

This International Standard develop by Professor Tony Bendell, the respected academic and fellow of the Royal Statistical Society sets out to clarify and standardise the competencies for personnel and organisations in Six Sigma, Lean and “Lean Six Sigma”.


To date the ambiguity in terms of Lean and Six Sigma, has been at best confusing, before this ISO, and contrary to popular opinion there was no universal standard on what constitutes a Black Belt or a Lean Practitioner, this standard sets out to rectify that.


unique points

  • Can be achieved at Company, Departmental and Individual level
  • No Ambiguity – Is measured against an International Standard
  • Has to be refreshed to keep current
  • Ingrains “Lean” into the DNA of the business

Working with are partners at Lean Construct Ltd we are in position to be able to offer training and support to those wish to achieve

  • Lean Expert
  • Lean Leader
  • Lean Practitioner

We offer a variety of packages, to suit business and individuals, which provide the training and support needed to achieve ISO certification, these are tailored to your needs as not all will be starting from the same place, all training materials have been accredited for use by the Royal Statistical Society

Packages include

  • Initial Assessment – at individual or business level
  • GAP Analysis
  • Full or Customised Training Plan
  • On Site and Distant Support
  • Portfolio Template
  • Mock exam and interview


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